Who Is Shara Blue Mathes, Chaz Bono’s Girlfriend, And How Did They Meet?

Shara Blue Mathes became famous early after acting in Jason Bateman’s 1984 television series “It’s Your Move.” Chaz Bono is well-known for being the son of no other than Cher, a legendary figure in popular music. After making numerous appearances as a child on his parents’ program, The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, the star first rose to fame.

Chaz pursued a career in acting and singing, following in his parent’s footsteps. Still, in 2009 the celebrity made news when it was reported that Chaz would be transitioning and leading as authentic a life as possible. The singer had Cher’s backing throughout and the support of their countless global followers.

Later, Chaz received an invitation to compete in Dancing With The Stars, which would be his final significant public undertaking. Chaz is content in his personal and professional lives, despite having achieved great success in both. In 2017, Bono started dating Shara Blue Mathes, with whom he has been deeply in love since. How did Chaz and his new love meet, and who is she? Let’s investigate!


Michael Chaar updated this on August 5th, 2021:

After getting to know each other through shared friends, Chaz Bono and Shara Blue Mathes started dating in 2017. Shara was accepted into the family when they bonded through their experience growing up in the spotlight and gained Cher’s approval! The pandemic forced them to live in seclusion despite the fact that the two were frequently seen together. The couple was last photographed in October 2020, when they were ultimately first spotted. Given that the couple hasn’t shared a photo of themselves in more than a year, many have started to speculate about the condition of their relationship.

How Did Shara Blue Mathes and Chaz Bono Meet?

Since he was a little child, Chaz Bono has been in the public eye, mostly because of his famous parents. The star was born to Sonny and Cher, two of the most well-known figures in music to date. Fans first met Chaz on The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, where he frequently made appearances. This is when fans first learned about the up-and-coming musician!

When Shara Blue transgender identity was made public in 2008, it garnered national and worldwide attention. Given that Chaz spent his formative years as a woman, the actor underwent his transition in 2009, chronicled in a two-part Entertainment Tonight special.

The discovery shocked the globe since attitudes about transgender people were much less progressive than they are now. Chaz persevered as his true self in the face of challenges and was rewarded with a seat on the popular reality competition Dancing With The Stars. Despite doing a few gigs here and there, this would be Chaz’s most recent appearance in front of the public. Bono is now concentrating on his partner’s relationship with Shara Blue Mathes. The two started dating in 2017, and things have been going well ever since! Many people are curious about how the couple met as they both post many of their personal moments on social media.

According to Daily Mail, the two first connected through shared friends and shared a love of Hollywood. Shara Blue Mathes, like Chaz, became famous at an early age after participating in Jason Bateman’s 1984 television series It’s Your Move.

According to a person close to Chaz and Shara Blue, “When Shaa first met Chaz, she had recently become a single woman and wasn’t searching for romance. But because Chaz is such an endearing, witty man, Shara quickly started to like him.” Since then, the pair have traveled the globe together, demonstrating what a great combination they are!


How does Cher feel about Shara?

Shara Blue In addition to Cher and her mother, Georgia, who are delighted for the couple and see Shara Blue as “like family,” Chaz and Shara are happier than ever.

Although everything has been going smoothly, there has been some speculation among the public over Shara and Chaz’s relationship. The last time Shara Blue posted a picture of her and Chaz together on Instagram was around the beginning of the pandemic, when it appears that the two went into hiding.

Shara Blue is also noticeably absent from Chaz’s feed, which has fans wondering if something during quarantine caused the two to become estranged. Although it appears that the two may have taken a break, the two have not publicly announced a break up of any kind, despite their absence from one another’s social media profiles.

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