Who is Kira Bonder? Wiki, boyfriend, father, and wealth

American student Kira Bonder, also known as Kerkorian Binge, is from that country. She is one of Steve Bing’s well-known children ( who is a film producer, screenwriter, businessman, etc.). He is both the offspring of a renowned person and a prominent figure. In 2000, her father achieved prominence after co-founding “Shangri-La- Entertainment.” Lisa Bonder is her mother. She also received media attention in 2019


Kira Bonder: Who is she?

Kira Bonder is a famous youngster. Daughter of Steve Bing and Lisa Bonder. Due to her father’s previous relationship, she also has a stepbrother named Damian Hurley. Her father received a $600 million inheritance from a Hollywood movie investor. Due to the doubt over who their birth father was, she encountered numerous conflicts. She is her father’s eldest kid and is 21 years old. She also struggled a lot with trust. Her stepfather left her with an estimated $8.5 million. Black is her favorite color, and she also enjoys sports, traveling, shopping, and horseback riding.

Age of Kira Bonder

Identity: Kira Bonder

Birthdate: March 9, 2000

Los Angeles, California, USA, is where they were born.

Age: 20

occupation is unknown

the female gender

Nationality: American

600 million in net worth (she inherited from her dad)

Family Bonder, Kira

Lisa Bonder, Kira’s mother, is a well-respected professional tennis player. 1992 marked her mother’s first victory. In addition, Lisa’s birth brought a great deal of shame and dishonor. Because of her assertion that Krik Kekorian was her daughter’s biological father, their daughter made national headlines. In 1999, Lisa and Krik got hitched and remained together until their divorce. And it turns out that her ex-boyfriend, “Steve Binge,” was the father. Domain Hurley and Taylor Jennings were Kira’s stepbrothers.

the Kira Bonder connection

She prefers to make things straightforward and personal. Her marital status is, therefore, unknown. She is currently concentrating on her education. The data will be updated as soon as feasible, though. Despite traveling extensively during her life, she never lost her smile. She knows how to remain composed.

Ingrid Bonder’s dimensions and weight

Kira is a healthy weight for her height. She stands 5 feet, 8 inches tall and weighs about 68 kilograms. She is a 21-year-old woman. She was a native of the USA. She doesn’t reveal anything about her birthday. If new information is available, it will be updated.

Kira Bonder Salary

Kira is too young to have a net worth of the staggering sum because she will inherit her father’s stuff, which is believed to be worth $600 million.

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