What is PBN?

PBN Website plays a vital role in the digital world. Every business has its website to promote products or services. Increasing the organic traffic to the website can be a challenging task. Link building is an effective SEO technique, and high-quality links can boost the search engine ranking. You need to follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines while building links. 

But some people prefer private blog networks to speed up their website’s growth. This method is against the webmaster guidelines. There is a chance to get punishment and a penalty from the search engine because it is an immoral tactic. Before implementing the private blog networks, you should know everything about PBN. 

Overview of Private Blog Networks

Private Blog Network is the website network used to develop links to one site for increasing search engine ranking. It is considered a black hat SEO practice that tries to take in Google bots into the website’s recognized value. However, some SEOs select to use a private blog network to develop the link for your website. 

With the help of an expired domain, you can develop a private blog network. Use expired domains in the website, which earns backlinks and builds up some authority in Google and other search engine’s eye. Creating content doesn’t link to the money website to costume the post that performs. 

How to find out about private blog network

Now, Google and other search engines are constantly developing an effective method to detect black hat SEO practices, illegal SEP practices, etc. You must do homework while giving and receiving backlinks. Here are some factors to consider if the site is PBN:

  • Website hosting 
  • Link profile
  • Design of website 
  • Videos and images 
  • Site ownership
  • Same theme 
  • No new content and external links
  • Backlink profile 

Why should you use PBNs

Building a private blog network can be time-consuming and costly, but still, many people use it. So let’s see the reason for using PBN: 

  • Building a high-quality link is hard, but the outcome is not guaranteed. So, the individual uses PBN to create backlinks to increase traffic to their site.
  • An important reason for using the private blog network is controlling the backlink’s anchor text. Keywords help the search engine understand the linked website context without hassle. Usually, the webmaster connects with the anchor text like the article’s title, naked URL, click here, and others.
  • Then, an SEO expert uses the backlink with quality anchor texts that aid the site rank higher on the search engine. 

Risks of using PBNs

PBN link violates the search engine guidelines, which means your website gets punishment. Here are some risks of using a private blog network:

  • Search engines try to ignore the link, which looks unnatural. When Google realizes backlinks are a private blog network, its algorithm will ignore them entirely. Therefore, they would not impact the website ranking negatively or positively. 
  • However, developing a private blog network can be expensive and challenging. All your effort and money into the PBN is a waste because search engines ignore it. 
  • In addition, search engine punishes site which uses PBN. Google can do it in different ways, such as issuing a manual penalty and suddenly ignoring PBN links.

How to protect your website from PBN

If you think that your website has links from private blog networks or low-quality sources, you must clear them and stay away from penalties. First of all, you should detect unnatural links on your website. To do this, you can use some backlink audit tools. 

Besides, you can pick specific deadly markers to determine the website link profile alongside, which signal a link network. It creates a sense to examine the shape of the backlink according to the more significant marker. Finally, you can hire an SEO specialist to remove the toxin link from your site. 

The expert uses the best techniques to clean up the link which are harmful and of low quality. Therefore, you can stay away from private blog networks. If SEO consultants try to convince you to use the link exchange, you can avoid them. Intense link-building activities help you to stand out in the competition.

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If you need the custom link building service, you can hire JDM Web Technologies. Naveen is the digital marketing manager of the SEO firm. He uses the best SEO practices and link-building techniques for your business. 

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