Top 8 Android Apps for Webmasters and Programmers

Programmers Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has been travelling with me more often than my laptop lately. As a webmaster and coder, I could only think of the apps that will serve me on the Android device.By using the Android apps below, I have been able to create amazing websites, perform my freelance jobs, and meet the technical support needs of our readers.You cannot go wrong using the apps below as they are well suited for web developers, webmasters, programmers and bloggers.

1. DroidEdit Pro

Programmers Being an avid notepad++ and sublime text user, I can’t help but search for the exact alternative for my android pad, droidedit pro did the magic for me.

Just like me, you can start by downloading the lite version of droidedit from the Google Play Store.

2. WebMaster’s HTML editor

WebMaster’s HTML editor

WebMaster HTML editor is handy for any website developer, blogger, coder, webmasters and programmers as the application is very user-friendly and also comes with code completion features. Just like DroidEdit, WebMaster’s HTML editor comes in two flavours; the lite (free) and pro version. Both will normally serve well, but some lack certain features.

3. Android Java Editor

Android Java Editor

Android Java Editor is a very useful app for young app developers or those learning Java programming and/or Android app development.

Application features include; syntax highlighting, code completion and several other useful options.

4. View Web Source

Show web source

Programmers As a webmaster, the View Web Programmers Source app for Android will be really useful as it can be used to troubleshoot websites among other regular uses of web source code.I personally use the app more often as a freelancer with many micro job sites to work on, I use it to troubleshoot blogs and websites showing the main source of possible html errors and all that .

5. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express for Android brings all the awesomeness of your beloved Adobe Photoshop software to mobile, making mobile image Programmers creation fun and easy. As expected, features like; Crop, straighten, rotate, auto-correct and other beautiful editing options come with the app. You can’t go wrong using it for your mobile development and programming work.

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6. Magic Colour Picker

Magic Colour Picker Android app can easily Programmers complement your development work by serving as a colour picker tool. Where graphics are not needed, Magic Colour Picker can be used to select the colour code for complex colour combinations.It is best used where Adobe Photoshop Express for Android is installed as they can easily complement each other.

7. EtFTPJust like FileZilla 

Programmers AndFTP makes transferring Programmers files between your local device and your web server easy and fun. Regular features such as; rename, delete, update permissions (chmod) and run custom commands.The Android FTP client (AndFTP) can also function as a file manager for normal file browsing.

8. kWS – Android Web ServerIf like me

Programmers You are already addicted to using solutions like XAMPP and WampServerName kWS – Android Web Server is what you need to replicate Programmers it on your Android phone or devices. As a webmaster and/or programmer, you sometimes need to host and test applications on your local server. kWS – Android Web Server makes this possible and works on multiple Android devices without LAG

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