The Most Powerful Weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins

The KN-44 is one of the most potent weapons in Black in Ops 3 Origins, with dual-mags and a fast fire rate. It can also deal significant damage to headshots. It was available as ground loot during Seasons 9 and 10 but was removed during Season 13. The gun has a metallic-black magazine and a brown-like stock. It is an excellent choice for killing zombies and scoring points.

Ray Gun Mark 2

The Ray Gun Mark 2 is a powerful weapon similar to the original Ray Gun. It can take out zombies with one shot and deals a lot of damage. It can also be upgraded to deal more damage and is a step up from the original Ray Gun. However, it struggles a bit when you run out of ammo. To power up this weapon, you will need bubblegum.

While the MP40 is an effective submachine gun, the Ray Gun Mark 2 is even more lethal. It also has a high rate of fire, and it has a double tap. It is an excellent weapon to use when playing the first-person shooter mode.

ice staff code

Despite its simplicity, the Ice Staff is arguably one of the most potent weapons in Black Op 3 Origins. When equipped, it freezes zombies and shatters them into pieces. The basic version blocks escape routes, but the upgraded one is even more effective and has a charged attack that causes a massive blizzard. As one of the most potent weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins, the Ice Staff is a tremendous high-round support weapon.

There are no fixed locations to get  ice staff code, but specific requirements exist to complete them. Players must wait for the snow to get all three pieces and find rubble piles on the map. Afterward, players must open every map section and fully exhaust all the dig sites. For the third part of the Ice Staff, the player must dig up a statue with a blue symbol.

The MP40

The MP40 is one of the most potent weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins, potentially wiping out entire squads. It is a semi-automatic machine pistol with an M320-style side-opening action. Its performance is similar to the M4’s. It is easy to use and is an excellent choice for a sniper.

This weapon is modeled after a gun from World War II. Many guerrilla groups and other nations found it appealing decades after the conflict. The German military police, the Viet Cong, and African insurgents utilized it. The Waffen-SS and Volksturm also used the MP40s captured by the Polish resistance.

The MP40 can be upgraded to many different types of ammunition and can be used for various other purposes. It is one of the most versatile weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins. It can be used to deal massive damage and kill zombies. It is one of the best weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins and can be upgraded for extraordinary damage output.


The PPSH is the most potent weapon in the game and is also the most popular among players. Its fire rate makes it an excellent choice for first-person shooters and can be upgraded for increased damage. This weapon is also helpful against zombies.

The PPSH is a vintage weapon from World at War, but it cannot be purchased with points from the wall. You have to open a mystery box to get one. It is an excellent weapon for quickly dispatching zombies. However, the reload time makes it unsuitable for solo play. It’s best to use a gun with a high damage output if you’re facing swarms of zombies.

Compared to other weapons, the PPSH has more damage and more ammo. The PPSH is also the best gun for close combat and can be a game-changer in multiplayer. This gun can be found in the Zombies map Revelations and in the remastered edition of Black Ops 3 Origins.

Monkey Bombs and Gersch.

When playing Black Ops 3 Origins, you have two primary options: Monkey Bombs or the Gersch device. The Monkey Bomb is a simple throwable device that draws zombies to you. Once the zombies are attracted to your weapon, it explodes to wipe them out. You can also use the Gersch device to revive dead players and buy them some time to flee. These weapons are often found in mystery boxes, depending on where you’re playing the game.

You can also find powerful weapons in the Origins map. The Gersch is an excellent melee weapon, but the KN-44 is the best weapon for the sniper. It’s not as powerful as the Thundergun, but it does deal a ton of damage with headshots. It’s also quick to reload and fire and can be upgraded to fire faster.

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