The Most Powerful Weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins

Origins of Ops 3: When you’re playing Black Ops 3 Origins, you can find some powerful weapons that will give you a great advantage. In this article, we’ll talk about the MP40, Ice Staff Code, Ray Gun Mark, and the Thundergun. These are some of the best weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins.

ice staff code

One of the most powerful weapons in Black Ops III is the Ice Staff coad. The weapon is a powerful melee staff with infinite damage. The Ice Staff is a great choice if you want to score many kills and get high round counts. You can use the staff to hit zombies with a single shot or a charge shot. However, it has a long kill time, and it needs you to stop digging to use it.

In order to upgrade your Ice Staff, you must find gravestones in the game. The first gravestone is located near the giant robot footprint. To upgrade it, shoot the gravestone with your Ice Staff. After it freezes, you must hit it again with your gun. Similarly, the second gravestone is located near the Excavation Site, directly in front of Generator 4. The third gravestone is near Generator 2.

Ray Gun Mark

If you’re looking for a weapon to make your enemies go crazy, try the Ray Gun Mark II. It is similar to the original Ray Gun but boasts improved accuracy, penetration, and headshot damage. However, the gun does lose its signature splash damage. The new gun also features a more improved design and is a big step up from the original. The history of the gun is also a big draw for some players.

The original Ray Gun is not the best weapon in Black Ops 3 Origins, but the new version is far superior. It can kill zombies with a single shot and has a headshot multiplier that slows down enemies. The gun also has a quick reload, but it struggles a little on low rounds.

The MP40

The MP40 is a powerful weapon in Black Ops 3 Origins, and you should use it as often as possible. While you might not want to take out a Nuke in Wave 6 or 7, you can use it to take out a Panzer Soldat, which can last for several waves.

You can buy MP40 ammo from the wall for 4,500. However, you should upgrade it with a heavy weapon to get higher damage per round. However, the MP40 isn’t as strong as an assault rifle. It’s more reliable for headshots and has a good reload speed. It can also be upgraded for faster fire.

The MP40 is the best weapon in Black Ops 3 Origins, but it’s not the only weapon to consider. You should also be patient and try to fill the chests. Don’t rush into a chest when you’re not sure you have enough ammo. Using patience is key to being successful in Origins.


Thundergun is one of the most powerful weapons in Black Op 3 Origins, a weapon with a huge range and a huge damage output. Its high damage and solid reload speed make it a popular choice for most players. In addition, its high damage and ammo capacity make it an ideal weapon for boss kills.

The Thundergun is a powerful weapon that can easily take down a zombie horde. It has a long range and a powerful sonic effect that knocks zombies off their feet and kills them in a single hit. The Thundergun has twelve shots and is reloaded at checkpoints.

Thundergun has twelve shots and is reloaded at checkpoints.

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