The Best Jayson Tatum wife? Awards

Jayson Tatum wife Ella Mai, a prominent British singer-songwriter, has been dating NBA star Jayson Tatum wife since 2020. The couple attended Michael Rubin’s Hamptons Fourth of July 2022 party.

Jayson Tatum’s girlfriend, often mistaken for his wife, is a musician.

Ella’s breakout track “Boo’d Up” tops many hit charts.

As a British pop star, she’s popular with kids worldwide.

Ella is known for dating Jayson Tatum wife. Please finish her biography.

The early life of Ella Mai

British singers are breaking multimedia records more than Americans. Ella Mai was born in London in 1994.

She was born two years after Stansfield’s genre milestone.

Ella loved Lauryn Hill, Brandy, Destiny’s Child, and Mariah Carey.

Her mom is Jamaican, her dad is Irish, and she has a brother named Miles. Young Ella’s parents divorced.

Their mother reared Ella and Miles well.

Her mother was a teacher and jazz aficionado. Ella was named after Ella Fitzgerald.

Ella got into music early due to her diverse upbringing. Their house always had jazz, reggae, blues, and rhythm.

Ella’s mother was a musician, but Alicia Keys was her idol. She devoted herself to music afterward.


Ella moved to New York at 12 to pursue a career in music and returned home after graduation.

She attended the British and Irish Modern Music Institute in London.

She competed in X-singing Factor’s reality show with her music knowledge.

She had a trio called ‘Arize’ Unfortunately, the group didn’t pass the initial audition. Ella went solo.

British pop sensation Ella Mai’s career

Ella uploaded her originals the year after leaving the X-Factor group Arize. Mai still contacts Arize’s teammate.

She posted Instagram covers of Soundcloud songs.

DJ Mustard noticed the sound even if it wasn’t a hit.

Mai debuted with ‘Time,’ a crisp, modern R&B EP. Ty Dolla $ign appeared on her six-track release.

“She Doesn’t” portrays Mai as a loyal, nasty, incisive singer.

The song gained numerous listeners. Mai also has Mustard-assisted EPs.

They released ‘Change’ in November 2016. They said “Ready” after four months.


Ready then precast “Boo’d Up,” a pre-new jack swing love tune. The song’s popularity helped it hit the Billboard Hot 100 in April 2018.

“Boo’d Up” ranked fifth three months later. It was a long climb.

Ella’s debut album followed “Trip.” In October, Boo’d Up rated 11th.

Ella Mai debuted at number five on the Billboard 200 after recording two hits.

Song of the Year and Best R&B Song for 2019 was also Grammy nominations.

Ella published “Heart on My Sleeve” in 2022.

Mai effortlessly captures passion in her 15 solo tracks.

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Ella Mai and Jayson Tatum

Ella Mai is Jayson Tatum’s girlfriend. The duo reportedly started dating in 2019.

Jayson Tatum wife grew up playing basketball.

Moreover, he made his fate with all his effort and hard work. He played for the NBA and USNT.

The NBA player plays for the Boston Celtics. The athlete was born on March 3, 1990, in St.Louis, Missouri, United States.

Jayson had a single mother like Ella. But on the other side, his father, Justin Tatum, inspired him to be a basketball player.

Jayson’s sporting career brought him recognition and wealth. He won great honors.

He smashed several celebrity records. Thus, he has a significant number of fan followers.

Jayson was already a great parent to Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr., whom he had with Torah Lachell, his high school sweetheart.

On December 7, 2017, the baby was named Deuce.

Jayson has time for his child despite being a national player and brand endorser. He becomes Duece’s loving father.

Ella Mai|Awards

Song of Summer (Boo’d Up): 2018 VMA nominee

• 2018 Soul Train Best Song Award

• Trip, 2018 VMA Best R&B nominee

• Song of the Year (Boo’d Up): 2019

• Best R&B song: 2019 (Boo’d Up)

• Viewer’s Choice Award 2019

2019 Billboard Music Award: Top R&B song

2019 iHeartRadio R&B Artist of the Year

2019 Billboard Music Award: Top R&B Artist

2019 Bet Award Nominee for Best Female R&B/Pop Artist

2019 Billboard Music Award: Top R&B Female Artist

• NAACP Album Award 2019

• Best R&B Album: 2020

Earnings of Ella Mai

Ella began her musical career by attending college. Her hard work and love of music paid off.

Besides being a musician, she also has brand endorsements. The singer lives lavishly.

Ella Mai | SMM

Ella has many fans despite not using social media. She posts about her singing and album photos.

Social media followers:


This singer’s career is rising, and she’s able to attract the new generation from Europe to the U.S. and globally. Below is the past year’s U.S. popularity graph.

F.A.Q. (FAQs)

Ella Mai: tomboy?

She’s a tomboy after seeing Ella Mai’s style. She’s not gay.

Ella Mai’s parents

Mai’s parents are Jamaican and Irish from London. Aside from that, they’re unknown.

Ella Mai’s child?

Ella Mai is childless. Some sources indicate she was pregnant in 2020, but we don’t believe it because Ella hasn’t commented.

Jayson Tatum and Ella Mai?

Yes, Ella Mai and Jayson Tatum wife are still together. Ella Mai, a 27-year-old English R&B singer, and Jayson Tatum are beautiful.

Ella Mai when?

10 Summers and Interscope Records released Ella Mai on Oct. 12. “Boo’d Up” and “Trip” are included.

Dated Ella Mai?

Jayson Tatum and Ella Mai dated for two years. Jayson Tatum wife and Ella Mai are reported to be involved.

Count Ella Mai’s albums.

In 2016, Ella Mai released 5 albums. Her 2016 album CHANGE and 2017’s “Heart of my Sleeve”

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