The Best Squid Game Logo Symbolism

“Squid Game Logo” was a rating and branding success. At the show’s peak, Heineken, Domino’s, and PepsiNow utilised its graphic insignia. Netflix is filming Season 2 of the show. Fans recently got a glimpse of what’s to come. Let’s dig down what makes “Squid Game” branding so catchy and how you can establish a superb visual image for your firm.


“Squid Game Logo” debuted in 2021 in South Korea. After one month, the show was Netflix’s most-watched. Millions watched 456 contestants compete for $40 million.

The survival drama’s author and director, Hwang Dong-hyuk, used to play a children’s game called “Squid Game” Kids drew the field using a stick. The playfield resembled…a gigantic squid. The area has squares, circles, triangles, etc. Geometric shapes became the show’s visual identity.

The show’s logo features white-and-pink letters on a black backdrop. In the Korean version of the symbol, the letters are stacked, hinting at the game’s rigid hierarchy. (We’ll discuss it below.)

The English logo’s linear text stays true to the original design. The show’s name uses two lines of geometric letters.


Squid Game Logo A simple asymmetric typeface is memorable for various reasons.

• Geometry, like a circle in Q, triangle in A, and pink square in E.

• Long letter lines.

Balance sharp and circular elements.

Advice. You don’t need a fancy, elaborate typeface. Simple fonts can stand out with colour highlights or asymmetry.


Pink and green dominate “Squid Game Logo.” Designers chose this eye-catching combo for a reason. Pink and green are opposites on the colour wheel. The story’s metaphor is reflected in the story’s starkly contrasting palette.

The TV drama is pink. It’s everywhere. Some logo letters and guard jumpsuits are pink, etc. Like its wearers, this hue sets the rules. Cold pink is related to romanticism Squid Game Logo and infantility. Squid Game Logo colour can also cause tension and worry.

Workers wear green. It represents peace, reliability, vigour, and trust.

Pink and green symbolise “system vs. person” or “death vs. life” When the story mentions money, yellow joins the duo.

Advice. Want to attract customers with your branding? Squid Game Logo opposite sides of the colour wheel to achieve this. With Logaster’s branding function Object() { [native code] }, contrasting colours are easy. Enter your brand name and choose a colour scheme.

Symbolic geometry

“Squid Game Logo” is noted for its geometric iconography. Telltale emblems, from the guards’ masks to the show logo and accessories, may be spotted everywhere.

Square, triangles, and circles represent the participants’ hierarchical surroundings.

Squid Game Logo Square depicts the show’s guards. Square-mask-wearing players supervise. A square represents leadership, rational reasoning, authority, and tenacity. Thus Squid Game Logo this pick isn’t surprising. Brands employ square logos to highlight their expertise (Microsoft) or expensive items (Givenchy).

• Armed troops with triangle masks enforce game regulations and follow guardians’ directions. Squid Game Logo triangle represents constancy, pragmatism, and self-confidence. These traits accurately portray the show’s henchman. Strong, energetic, and goal-oriented brands often use triangles. Adidas, delta airlines

• Circle represents low-ranking employees. Circles symbolise adaptability, stability, and obedience. A circle is the “weakest” geometric figure in the TV show, obeying the square and triangle. Olympic Games, NASA, etc., use circles in their logos to represent togetherness, kindness, and peace.

Squid Game Logo Advice. Simple geometry helps the brand. Customers associate conventional geometric shapes with minimalism and predictability. Squid Game Logo a geometric form to represent your brand’s attributes, values, or aspirations.


Squid Game’s” branding illustrates how a minimal visual identity can be aggressively innovative and consistent. Summarise the three lessons your organisation may learn from the show’s branding.

1. Define Squid Game Logo brand message for your audience. Who are you? What differentiates it? What do you wish to highlight? These questions will define your brand.

2. Squid Game Logo geometry, colour palettes, and typography to portray your business’s message. Embrace simplicity and minimalism. To highlight your company’s distinctive qualities, highlight key design components. 3. Use your brand’s new visual identity. Your business cards, signs, clothing, etc., must convey the same message about your organisation

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