Polk Audio Buckle Review

Polk audio buckle is a brand of a headphone that combines functionality with style. It is aimed at music lovers and style geeks alike. As a result, Polk audio buckles are known for their attention to detail. Here are some of its features: Out of the box, Design and Comfort, and Audio performance.

Out of the box

The Polk Audio Buckle headphones are a reasonable pair of over-ear headphones that are well-padded and sturdy. They are relatively heavy for a pair of headphones, but this isn’t a major complaint. The headband is wide and well-padded and the headphones feel snug on the head. They feature a simple yet efficient control scheme. One general-purpose toggle controls the volume and other functions of the headphones. The bass is slightly distorted, but overall the audio is clean.

While the sound is bass-heavy and dark, Polk Audio Buckle headphones are extremely comfortable to wear. While they aren’t the most portable headphones, their design makes them suitable for most users. They are also not very noise-sucking and leak barely at high volumes.

The design of the Polk Audio Buckle headphones is unique. They are ergonomically designed, with pivoting ear cups that conform to the shape of the head. Whether you are in the office, on the road, or at home, these headphones will fit snugly and provide great audio quality. They also come in two colour schemes, including black with silver accents and brown.

On the downside, the Buckle headphones have several flaws. The headphones are not active noise cancelling, and they lack bass isolation. As a result, they are not a great choice for demanding music fans. Their low-frequency response and high-pitched voice make them less than perfect for heavy rock music.

The Buckle headphones are made of premium materials and are designed to withstand a few accidental drops. Moreover, their cable can be easily replaced. However, their line may break after repeated use.

Features and design

The Polk Audio Buckle headphones are an excellent choice for music lovers who want to enjoy the high-quality bass sound. They are comfortable to wear even after long listening sessions. They also feature a flat high-frequency response and low leakage. The downside is that they aren’t active noise-canceling headphones, but they are good for music lovers who want to avoid background noise.

The Polk Audio Buckle headphones feature a padded headband, a 3-button rocker switch, and a microphone. The audio quality is quite good considering the reasonable price tag. The sound is clear and balanced, and there are no obvious flaws. Users can adjust the bass and treble levels to get a balanced sound. The headphones also feature a built-in microphone, which is handy for taking calls or recording calls.

The design of the Polk Audio Buckle is very durable, and it doesn’t bend when dropped. It uses premium materials for its construction, so accidental drops won’t be a problem. The cable is also easily replaceable, which is a big bonus. However, the most likely point for damage is the spring mechanism, which may wear out after repeated use.

In terms of comfort, the Polk Audio Buckle has good noise-cancelling ability but isn’t quite up to par with other gaming headsets. While the noise cancelling is excellent, the Buckle doesn’t have the most comfortable design for playing sports or travelling in loud environments. It also lacks active noise cancellation, which makes it unsuitable for people who are sensitive to high-pitched noise. In short, this headset isn’t for gaming, but it’s perfect for travel and general use.

The Buckle headphones have a classic design and premium aesthetic. Their faux leather headband and ear-cup padding are comfortable and well-made. They also feature a 40-mm driver and optimized electro-acoustic tuning. The headphones are available in black with silver accents, as well as a brown colour scheme.


The Polk Audio Buckle headphones are designed for the comfort of the ears. The design is over-ear, but it is still very compact. One disadvantage of this design is that it does not fold. This makes it inconvenient to carry them around. It is also heavy for its size. Despite this, these headphones are comfortable to wear and have excellent sound quality.

The bass sound from the Polk Audio Buckle headphones is fairly rich without being overpowering or muddy. Mid-range and highs are clear without being piercing. The design is also unique and quirky. The price of these headphones is competitive. They are a good choice for those who want to get a pair of over-ear headphones without spending a fortune.

The Polk Buckle headphones also have a microphone and control dial for answering and making calls. The microphone also allows you to control the playback of your music. They also have a 3.5mm headphone cable for connecting to your mobile device. The earcups are larger than average and have prominent sides. This design allows you to experience a full and rounded listening experience.

Polk Audio Buckle headphones are among the best over-ear headphones available for the consumer market. They’re not the best at blocking out noise, but they do offer excellent value for money. The materials used to build them are durable and the headphones come with a microphone and adjustable headbands. You can purchase a pair of these headphones for $146 online.

The Polk Audio Buckle headphones feature reinforced cables, which makes them more durable than many similar products. However, the Buckle is not the best option for travel in noisy environments and isn’t the best choice for sports. It also does not have the most balanced sound quality when it comes to sub-bass and lower midrange frequencies.

Audio performance

The Polk Audio Buckle is a well-built headphone that sounds dark and bass-heavy. Its rigid design is comfortable for most listeners, but it doesn’t block out much noise. This makes it less suitable for commuting. This headphone is made by Polk Audio, an American audio product manufacturer with headquarters in California. The company was purchased by Directed Electronics in 2006.

The Buckle is part of the company’s Heritage Collection. These headphones feature a three or four-mm gold-plated plug, an ergonomic design, plush ear pads, a microphone, and a switch that lets you control the volume. The audio quality of these headphones is reserved and favours bass, upper midrange, and treble, with a slight sub-bass distortion. However, it delivers a clean presentation and is affordable at $146.

Buckles headphones are well-suited for studio use. Their bass-forward emphasis results in a lack of sibilant “punch” in higher-midrange frequencies. They also obscure upper mid-range frequencies, causing music to lose some of its edginess. The headphones’ THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) is lower than average, which means they have a lower-than-ideal level of distortion. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that THD is a normal part of speaker sound. The ideal THD level is 3% or less.

Another key feature that sets Polk Audio Buckle apart is its curved ear cups. The ear cups are made of delicate leather that makes a tight seal around the ear. As a result, the sound you hear through these headphones is immersive. Furthermore, the headphones have reinforced cables. Compared to similar products, Buckles are more expensive than their counterparts.

The Polk Audio Buckle is a decent pair of over-ear headphones, and it belongs in the upper class of consumer-grade over-ear headphones. Though it sacrifices some fine details, it offers a stylish design and is comfortable. It is available for around $200 online.


The Polk Audio Buckle is a great-looking set of headphones that come in two colours. The Buckle Brown model features off-white and bronze accents, while the Buckle Black model has a silver finish. Both versions come with the same functional features but with a slightly different aesthetics. The Buckle Brown models look more rustic and semi-classical than the Buckle Black model.

The Buckle is a very competent over-ear headphone. While it’s not in the top tier of consumer-level over-ear headphones, it’s still a fine product. It’s a unique design that demonstrates Polk Audio’s mastery of free-standing speakers and an eye for design.

Another feature of the Buckle is that it’s incredibly compact for an over-ear design. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s light. The Buckle is also not foldable or able to lay flat. Thankfully, it comes with a stylized cloth pouch to protect it from scratches, but this doesn’t prevent accidental drops.

The Polk Audio Buckle is a premium-looking set of headphones that features excellent audio performance. While they don’t provide much noise isolation, they offer decent comfort, especially for prolonged use. The bass range of the Buckle headphones is prone to variation based on head shape and size. The treble range, meanwhile, is relatively unaffected by these factors.

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