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Minus8 Animators, Artists, Watches, and YouTubers are the topics of this article. What is it about these individuals that attract the crowd to their work?

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Known for his pornographic artwork, South Korean YouTuber Minus 8 created his first account on the video-sharing site in 2007. He also has an account on Tumbland, which he uses to post lewd animations and gifs. In 2007, he started his own DeviantArt account. He began to publish his videos on YouTube in December of that year.

Minus 8 has also released his third album, Elysian Fields. The album features live elements. The tracks are composed of elements from various genres, including Drum & Bass, Downbeat, and Nu-Jazz. The live details are provided by Chris Wiesendanger. A music video accompanies the album.


MINUS-8 watches are a new design brand based out of San Francisco, USA. The name comes from the west coast time zone, also known as the GMT-8 time zone. The MINUS-8 collection features watches geared towards modern design and casual wear. They also express one’s personality and point of view.

Founded by Brett Lovelady, MINUS-8 is an extension of the Astro Studios design philosophy. ASTRO Studios is an industrial design firm that has designed brands for companies worldwide. The company has specialized in designing breakthrough products since 1994. They have developed products for companies such as the Xbox 360 and Nike Fuelband. Their design team works hand in hand with the factory.

MINUS-8 Watch wristwatches feature stacked faces, which creates a stadium-like effect behind the hands. They have a sapphire crystal face and silicon band. MINUS-8 wristwatches also feature a Japanese quartz movement.

The MINUS-8 DIVER is an affordable dive watch. It features a dive timer bezel, a helium release valve, and a screw-down crown at 4 o’clock. A classic diver dial inspires the dial. The hands are black and have a matte finish.

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