The Best Jessie Coffield’s biography: what is known about the DraftKings girl, including her age, height, weight, birthday, and net worth?

Jessie Coffield biography: what is known about the DraftKings girl, including her age, height, weight, birthday, and net worth?
American television personality Jessie Coffield is well-known and has starred in some Super Bowl commercials. She works as a coordinator at DraftKings at the moment.
College volleyball player Jes sie Coffield plays the sport.  Jessie Coffield: Name and a brief bio
Coffield, Jessie
30 years old as of October 15
Gender Female \sHeight – \sNationality
American \sProfession
TV character
married/unmarried engaged (Michael Nowak)
Instagram @jessiecoffield \sTwitter @Jessie Coffield
Jes sie Coffield’s wiki and biography
American TV character Jes sie Coffield is well known for appearing in a few Super Bowl commercials. She is currently serving as a Show Host in DraftKings.
Coffield played lacrosse for his high school in the past. Here are a few previously unknown facts about Jessie Coffield that you should consider.


Jes sie Coffield is a well-known character, yet Wikipedia does not list her as a character. In any case, you may see her brief wiki and bio online.
The fifteenth day of October 1990 saw the birth of Jessie Coffield. She is currently 30 years old according to age.
She is currently working for Draftkings Inc. as a show host. Jessie joined the syndicated DraftKings The Sweat TV show in June 2018, according to LinkedIn.
Education Jes sie Coffield
Jes sie Coffield completed their high school education. Jessie Coffield then completed her BA degree at a state university in the US.
Height, weight, and body measurements of Jes sie Coffield
Coffield, Jessie 5 feet 8 inches tall Jes sie Coffield is 68 kg heavy. Jes sie Coffield has a good height and proportions for her size. Jessie Coffield is a healthy weight for someone her size.
Jes sie Coffield: Online Communities
Jes sie Coffield has recently received a lot of attention from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, where she has thousands of devoted admirers.
Facts about Jessie Coffield
1. Despite being a well-known figure, Jes sie Coffield is not listed on Wikipedia. On the other hand, her brief wiki and bio are online.
2. On October 15, 1990, Jes sie Coffield was born. She is currently thirty years old.
3. She is currently employed by Draftkings Inc. as a show host. Jessie joined DraftKings The Sweat TV discussion show in June 2018, claims LinkedIn.
4. Due to her frequent appearances in Super Bowl ads, Jes sie Coffield is known as the Draft Commercial

Girl. Her wealth has not yet been disclosed. Jessie must, however, have made a good living during her career

5. Jessie Coffield’s height and weight have not been publicly released. She hasn’t shared a lot of details about her physical makeup.
6. The Draft Advertising Girl is not yet wed. According to Zola, Jessie and Michael Nowak are planning to wed in June 2021. Information on her future marriage is lacking. But she frequently posts their photos on Instagram.
7. William and Kristen Coffield gave birth to Jes sie Coffield. She grew up with two siblings: Virginia Coffield, her sister, and William Coffield Jr.
8. Jes sie Coffield was a Lax Sports Network sports anchor before joining DraftKings. She worked for Revs TV as a sideline reporter as well.
9. Regarding education, Jessie Coffield received a BA in communication from Boston College.
10. Jessie Coffield played lacrosse in college. She represented Boston College in lacrosse, winning the NCAA National Championship that year. Chevrolet Atlantic Coast Conference Player of the Week was also given to her.
Jessie Coffield’s Salary
Look at the most recent update to the Jes sie Coffield Net Worth, Income, and Salary report offered for 2021.
Jessie Coffield’s total net worth was between $1 million and $5 million in 2021. (Approx.)

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