How to delete a Gmail account

After looking forward to another service to manage your emails, you have set to depart Gmail and permanently shut your account . but first you’d better to duplicate all information associated with the communication provided by Google, so that you simply don’t lose your most significant contacts and emails. Also, you’d better grasp the elaborate steps to obviate the Gmail account from the devices you associated it with. Is that so? so i don’t see where the matter is: if you want, i’m here to convey you a hand and create a case for the thanks to reach your intent.

How to delete Gmail account

Before going into the main points of this guide and explaining the thanks to delete a Gmail account , I am going to illustrate the procedure for backing up Gmail information (contacts and emails): to proceed you merely need any computer program.

Preliminary operations

To get a duplicate of all the data associated with your Gmail account you will be ready to benefit of the Google Takeout service : a useful feature that allows you to export the data associated with your account offline at intervals the various Google services (eg YouTube , Google Chrome , Google Calendar then on): these clearly to boot embrace Gmail information, which can be exported in MBOX or terminology format ).

Proceed, therefore, by selecting the items you want to include at intervals the backup by pressing once on the items regarding the folders you are interested in (eg Open , Archived , Drafts etc.) to be told extra regarding the functioning of the service, I leave you to my orient and, once this step is completed, first continue the OK item. Lyricsdigist.  Moreover, if you would like to repeat an inventory of contacts with whom you have modified emails, opt for the Contacts item (this information area unit planning to be saved in .VCF format ).

To continue, click on the consecutive step button at rock bottom of the list of things regarding Google services. Next, you have to select one amongst the various decisions available for obtaining the backup file; you will be ready to do this by clicking on Send the transfer link via email and then clicking on the selection that suits you best ( raise Drive , raise Dropbox , raise OneDrive then on).

How to delete Gmail accounts from a tool

Wait, Maineasure} you telling the American state simply} just are not interested in knowing the thanks to permanently shut your Gmail account but, rather, would you want to know the thanks to exclude your Gmail account from a tool you have associated it with? No drawback, everything is explained below.

But I warn you: removing the Gmail account discovered on any device (including Windows PCs and Macs) to boot automatically removes all information and contacts associated with the account itself from the device in question.

How to delete a Gmail account from your pc

If you want to know the thanks to exclude a Gmail mail profile associated with a portable computer running Windows eleven , click the button begin , the one with the Windows flag at rock bottom of the taskbar; then continue the Settings item and, at intervals the window that has merely opened, click on the verbiage Account simply} just notice at intervals the left menu; then click on the item Email and accounts .

Now, click on the box related to clicking on the Gmail address you want to urge to obviate and, from here, click on the Manage button extra knowledge here. For more info. Now, you merely have to be compelled to click on the word Delete account from this device and then confirm by clicking on the Delete item at rock bottom right. To undertake the current same operation on Windows 10 do this: press the start button, then click on the gear icon located at rock bottom left and head to Accounts> Email and accounts> [Gmail account address]> Manage > Delete account from this device> Delete .

If, on the alternative hand, what you are exploiting might be a mackintosh , follow these totally different steps: press the gear icon on the Dock or click on the bitten apple icon at the best left of the macOS menu bar and, from here, click on System Preferences… . Now, the regulator on the item internet Accounts click and then, at intervals the window that opens, opt for the address you want to urge to obviate from those you see listed on the left. Conclude the procedure by clicking first on the [-] button settled at rock bottom left and then on the OK button.

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