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What are your favourite The Best Kevin Gates quotes about music, success, and life?

Kevin Gates quotes Louisiana-born rapper, musician, and entrepreneur Kevin Gates. He’s signed to Dead Game, Atlantic, and Bread Winners’ Association.

Islah’s debut album reached No. 2 on the US Billboard 200. Before that, Gates released 3 mixtapes that reached the top 40 of the Billboard 200.

We’ve compiled Kevin Gates quotes ‘ finest quotes on music, career, and life:

Kevin Gates Sayings

1. “I’m cool with any musician as serious as me. Send me a verse, and I’ll send you one. No. Not collaborative. I’m passionate about this music, yet we don’t know each other. Gates

2. “Don’t be furious with me for being myself.” Gates

3. “Sales aren’t important to me. Music rules. Only music. — Kevin Gates quotes

I have unresolved grief.” Gates

“I’m depressed.” It isn’t good. No mild depression, only severe depression. Music is my only therapy. Release. It’s my emotional release. Gates

6. “People you know detest you the most.” Gates

7. “Peer pressure and complacency are failure-inducing.” Gates

Money is coming; money gotta flip. I’m not waiting on anyone; I’ll get it.” Gates

Never shatter or fold to be major. Gates

57th Gates Quotes

10. “The things I find hardest to say are in my songs. I’m very passionate about my work. Gates

11. “I tattoo anything I love, respect, or admire. Muhammad Ali is my next tattoo. Bob Marley, Elvis, Malcolm X. Many tattoos! Irrational. Space is limited. Tattoos are therapeutic for me. Gates

12. “How can one appreciate good without comprehending bad?” Gates

13. “Time lost can never be recovered.” A dream without action. Action, hustle, persistence.” Gates

14. “I had a different approach before the game. I grew. I matured. In my maturation and maturity, I learned that interviewers just have a dialogue with me. They’re not from my background. Thus they find my life fascinating. Gates

“I have 6 jobs, I’m not tired!” Gates

I follow the 10% rule. “Save one, save 1,000.” Gates

17. “I’m a sceptic, therefore I don’t believe everything someone says. Research is due. I’ll compare different works on the subject. I perform selective research.” Gates

18. Kevin Gates quotes

“I’ve always been self-sufficient. I’m solo. I don’t have 30-person entourages. “No way”, Gates

Wise guys change; fools don’t. Gates

“Music is my therapy.” Because it’s my only way to release depression. Like you, I record my thoughts. Venting. Channel. I’m an emotional introvert. As an introvert, I like talking to the mic. Gates

21. “Or help them solve the issue.” Or figure out what’s wrong because we don’t look inward enough as individuals. I am always looking for a pacifier alternative. It would be best if you prioritised yourself. Gates

“My first daughter informed, improved, and made me better, therefore I named my first album after her.” Gates

Kevin Gates quotes : “Growing up in the slums humbles you.”

“I’m a convicted felon.

I have a master’s in psychology and achieved a 31 on the ACT at 16 in jail.” Gates

“Logic made me doubt” Gates.

I’m motivated by the world around me, not by any artist. Gates

57th Kevin Gates quotes

“I took it from the mud, nobody offered me nothing.” Gates

I adore God, everyone around me, even my adversary. Gates

“I’m perfect imperfection. I’ve mastered my craft. Need emotional affection. I’m an introvert, but it’s aggressive.” Gates

“I’ve had wonderful times and horrible ones, and I recollect when I lay down, but I stay in the moment during the day since it could make me depressed.” Gates

It’s about being yourself and not apologising for it. Since my first mixtape, I’ve grown. On every song, I want to show who I am.” Gates

32. “Every day, I hustle. “Tired of slogging”, Gates

“Out my window, I see everything I dream about”, Gates.

“Wealth isn’t in the wallet.” Heartfelt. Mental. So do I. If you teach me to fish, you’ve fed me forever. That’s my philosophy.” Gates

57th Gates Quotes

“When you’re wise and knowledgable, distribute soulja love.” Gates

“Dummies can teach.” Learn from a dummy’s mistakes. Always watchful. You love something until you can’t do it. I’ve learnt this. I love music more.” Gates

How much more crucial is breathing for mental activity than physical? Gates

38. “I don’t give anyone a reason to hate me; they’re jealous.” “Ears up, mouth shut.” Gates

“I can’t let go.” Exactly. Any psychologist who sees excessive highs and lows will diagnose bipolar disorder. Gates

“I enjoy cleanliness.” All of my clothing is similar. I’m straightforward. I’m not too fond of crowded colours. “Less is more,” Gates.

“I’m also quite sensitive. I may notice the smallest details. This interview might inspire a song. I rap about living. Who knows? I’m honest. When I’m in the moment, I express everything.” Gates

42. “If I’m honest, what will the world say?” I’d love acceptance, but I’m not seeking it. If you’re a fan, you like how I think, feel, and act. Humans are more relatable than superstars. Gates

Kevin Gates Quotes: 43

“Only those in need are given knowledge.” Gates

My granny taught English. She emphasised reading and good communication. Gates

“Daytime energy is so different because everyone is miserable and depressed, and you can pick up on it psychokinetically. I like nightlife. You can see more now.” Gates

What poor individual fits socially? You appear nice, yet you won’t put a homeless person in your car. You’re different from me. You can eat my salad when I’m done. I’m like that because I’ve been there.

“Why accept failure when success’s free?” Gates

” You can’t please everyone and win”, Gates.

. I don’t think I’ll recognise them if I see them since I’m so concentrated. Gates

“I’m not religious. I don’t mind church if they sell chicken. I read Quran, Kabalah, and Bible. Love God, love your neighbour as yourself, and… I follow these principles. Gates

51. “I have trust issues with letting others know my innermost secrets for fear of being judged. This is universal. Gates

52nd Kevin Gates Quotes

“I enjoy music, tattoos…

It’s perfect. “I’d do it for free.” Gates

“My surroundings inspire me.” Analytical sponge. I notice what others miss. Gates

“If I said I was different, would you understand?” Gates

“Made men don’t speak. Fake, you’re bigger. I want every Louisiana rapper to succeed. “Meds, meditation, and excellence.” Gates

56. “My attitude. They are used to handling things differently than now. I think growing and maturity bring that. They are growing up changes your lifestyle. I was changing everything. Once-interesting things are less so now. Gates

As long as it doesn’t harm me and they’re respectful, I don’t care what someone does. Who am I to judge? I’m not flawless. Gates

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