The best Annabella Stoermer Coleman, Zendaya’s half-sister, and Zendaya still have a nice relationship. Annabella?

Annabelle Stoermer Coleman is Zendaya’s sister. Zendaya has appeared in several Hollywood films with prominent actors. She recently starred in Spider-man as the main.

Unexpected curiosity has recently surrounded Zendaya’s sibling. Former Disney child actress is tabloid fodder. MJ’s lovely performance in the new Spiderman movies.

Zendaya steals the show with practically every role and red carpet. She famous like her sister? The following article explains.

Anne Stoermer Coleman

Zendaya’s sister is Annabella Stoermer Coleman. Zendaya’s Spiderman roles have made her renowned. Zendaya’s sibling Annabella.

Due to their dissimilar face characteristics, some believe Zendaya is Annabella’s adopted sister. Never confirmed. Annabella has 3 sisters and 2 brothers.

Zendaya Maree, Kaylee, and Katianna are her sisters. Julien and Austin are her brothers’ names.

Annabella Stoermer Coleman’s Family

Annabella Stoermer Coleman is from Oakland, California. Her birth date is unknown. Zendya was born in Oakland, California, in September 1996.

Kazembe Annabella Stoermer Coleman and Claire Stoermer raised her. Her 57-year-old mother is likely German. Her father is a gym teacher and Annabella Stoermer Coleman bodyguard. She has 5 siblings: Katianna, Austin, Kaylee, Julien, and Zendaya.

Katianna Stoermer Coleman, Kaylee, Austin, and Julien are Annabella’s sisters and brothers. Zendaya, her famous half-sister.

Claire Stoermer, Zendaya’s biological mother and former stepmother, runs Kizzmet Jewellery. She’s also California Shakespeare Theater’s house manager. Zendaya typically wears Claire’s diamonds.

Annabella Stoermer Coleman father shared a photo of a woman holding an infant and commented, “My firstborn, Latonja Coleman, and my teenage boo!!”

Coleman may have another older sister named Latonja. She has only appeared in one family photo.

Early Years

Annabella Stoermer Coleman has parents, three sisters, two brothers, and herself. She grew up in the US like her siblings.

Their parents gave them sufficient care and taught them the value of family.

Zendaya appreciates Annabella Stoermer Coleman sharing her space with her parents and siblings despite being a superstar.


The daughter of Kazembe Ajamu Coleman is well-educated

She attends American University.

Zendaya, Annabelle’s Sister, Adopted?

Zendaya isn’t Annabella Stoermer Coleman half-sister. Zendya’s facial features differ from her sisters’, leading to confusion or rumors.

Annabella Stoermer Coleman father, Kazembe, married German and Scottish-American Claire Stoermer. He had Euphoria actress with her. Zendaya is from a different womb, but their father is Kazembe.

Annabella Family

Annabella is probably single since neither she nor the media have covered her dating life.

Annabella Stoermer Coleman is focusing on her school and profession rather than pursuing a romance. Annabella’s past relationships are unknown. Neither Coleman has been rumored or scandalized.

Anabella’s Boyfriend?

Zendaya has mentioned having nieces and nephews several times. Her older stepbrothers clearly have children. It is plausible that one of her sisters has a family.

Zendaya told Vogue in May 2019 that her stepsister Annabella had two daughters. She revealed that she and Thompson live in Oakland, California.

Annabella and Thompson have never disclosed appearances.

Annabella’s worth

By 2022, she’s focused on her career and doing well. According to BIO GOSSIP, Zendaya’s net worth is $15 million.

She lives happily with her family in the U.S.

Zendaya is a hard worker, thus her net worth and salary will grow.

As a successful actress, she earns a living from brand endorsements, advertising, and sponsorships. Zendaya and her family live in a mansion.


Annabella Stoermer Coleman has a blazing, curvy body. She’s 165cm tall and 55kg.

Her dark complexion, brown eyes, and dark brown hair are gorgeous.

Her physical measurements are 38B, 33, and 34.

Stoermer’s Twitter

She isn’t active on social media and has no formal account.

She seems to want a low-key life to avoid media attention. Annabella Stoermer Coleman If she joins social media, we’ll let you know.

Controversies and rumors

She hasn’t been involved in any media-reported speculations or controversies.

She avoids the media to keep her rumor-free.

Annabella Stoermer Coleman’s fortune

Annabella Stoermer Coleman is reportedly focusing on her job and earning well. Her actual net worth and earnings aren’t publicized.

Zendaya has $15 million in 2022. She made her wealth acting and working hard.


She’s a well-known American persona, yet she’s not a famous name, so why is she popular?

Her sister is a famous TV figure, and she works in Hollywood films with Robert Downey Jr. Annabella Stoermer Coleman became famous after her sister.

Her family is well-known. Her dad is gym teacher Kazembe Ajamu Coleman. Her mother, Claire Stoermer, is a homemaker, but according to some accounts, she’s an American teacher. The specifics aren’t online yet.

This young American woman is 22 years old, yet her education isn’t listed online. Her skills aren’t publicized online, and she doesn’t discuss her education.

Annabella Stoermer Coleman Social networking

Annabelle Stroemer Coleman has no social media profile since she is private. She has said she doesn’t want her personal life to be the subject of speculation. Annabelle Stoermer Coleman doesn’t post on social media, so the internet has no excellent photo of her.

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