Andrene Ward Hammond

Throughout her long career, Andrene Ward has played roles that are both diverse and varied. She is a talented actress who has become known for her role as Jodie Foster on the TV series Madam Secretary, but she has also worked in dramas such as The Killing and the thriller Black Water. These roles have not only provided her with a steady paycheck but also a platform to showcase her acting talents. As a result, she has built a substantial net worth and is a popular actress in Hollywood. She has also been involved with several charities.

Acting career

Even though the acting career of Andrene Ward Hammond is relatively young, she has already achieved a lot. She has been seen in several TV shows and has appeared in several movies. She is known for her roles in films like Loving, 61st Street, Strange Weather and Being Mary Jane.

She was born in Brooklyn, New York and grew up in a Jamaican household. She graduated from Georgia State University, where she majored in Communications and minored in Psychology. She then worked in the public relations and communications field. Despite this, she also took acting classes at the Premier Actors’ Network in Atlanta.

When she was still a teenager, Andrene Ward-Hammond decided to pursue a career in acting. She joined an improv troupe called Strange Groove and continued taking acting classes at the Premier Actors’ network. During this time, she had several roles in short films. These roles helped her break into the entertainment industry.

She began her acting career with short films. She later went on to play the role of Geri in Strange Weather. This role allowed her to gain more exposure. After that, she played the role of Norma Johnson in 61st Street.

She has been featured in Quality Time magazine. Andrene also had a small role in The Vampire Diaries in 2015. In 2016, Andrene became a social influencer with her Instagram account. She has more than a thousand followers on social networking sites. She shares pictures of her travels with her followers. She also has a Twitter profile.

After a few years of working in short films, Andrene Ward-Hammond made a name for herself in the film industry. She was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her role in Strange Weather. She is now earning a lot of money from her acting career. She has a net worth of about $1 million. Despite this, she has not revealed her parents’ names.

Andrene has a daughter, Tyla, who also is an actress. She has dark hair and earthy-colored eyes. Andrene is proud of her work as an actress and a mother.

Net worth

Known for her roles in Being Mary Jane, Strange Weather, and 61st Street, Andrene Ward-Hammond is a well-known actress. She is also a model and social media influencer. Her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. This figure is calculated by subtracting her liabilities from her assets.

Andrene Ward-Hammond was born in Brooklyn, New York, United States. She is of Jamaican descent. She has a degree in Communications from Georgia State University. She has also studied Psychology and Public Relations.

Andrene Ward-Hammond’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. Her income comes from her acting career. She has appeared in 10 movies. Her movies have been highly rated on MovieMeter. She has also made appearances in TV series like NCIS: New Orleans and Loving. She also has a boyfriend and a son.

As an actress, Andrene Ward-Hammond has a large number of followers on social networking sites. She has over 6,000 followers on her Instagram account. She also has a Twitter account. She has made over 50 tweets. She also posts her projects and pictures of her daughter on her Twitter account. Her Instagram profile is verified.

Andrene Ward-Hammond has long black hair. She wears sunscreen daily. She also has an hourglass shape. She has a brown complexion and earthy-colored eyes. Her measurements include height, weight, and chest. She is 132 pounds. Her weight is considered average for a woman in her age group.

Andrene Ward-Hammond is 5 feet 3 inches tall. She has a fair body weight. She is considered to be taller than the average North American woman. She has a good body structure and an hourglass shape. She wears an outfit that shows off her body. She also has a great Instagram account. She has a total of 351 followers. She has accumulated over 350 posts. Her most popular post is a picture of her daughter.

Andrene Ward-Hammond lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She is married and has a son. Her husband’s name is Alexander White.

Hobbies and interests

You need to be aware of Andrene Ward Hammond’s hobbies and activities if you want to know what the woman behind the screen is up to. For one thing, the actor is an avid social media user and keeps a tab on what’s happening on her Facebook and Instagram feeds. On the other hand, the actress has a big house and a pretty big bank account. As such, a bit of planning and a few lucky breaks will see the actress tucking in for another chapter in her storied career.

The actress was born on December 16, 1949. Her mother’s name is unknown, though her father was a reggae musician with a successful career. The actress studied at Georgia State University, majoring in psychology and communications. She has a modest net worth of $3 million. She married in 2004 and has a daughter named Tyla. During her marriage, the actress had a brief foray into the television and film business, but her career has since been re-defined by her love of the arts. She has starred in such films as Loving, Strange Weather, FX’s Atlanta, and Being Mary Jane. The actress has a knack for landing the best roles.

The actress has not been known to have a big ego, and small talk is usually a breeze. During her heyday, the actress was a social butterfly. She was the recipient of numerous awards, including the Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical. The actress was also a member of the cast of the hit Broadway show 61st Street. The actress was also the recipient of the Best Supporting Actress award from the Screen Actors Guild. Andrene Ward Hammond is one of the hottest ladies on the Hollywood block.


Known for her roles in films such as Being Mary Jane and Loving, Andrene Ward-Hammond is also an actress on television. She is one of the stars of the new Showtime series Your Honor. The series explores the concept of social inequality and privilege through the lens of a father and his children. Ward-Hammond plays the role of Big Mo, a leader in the Desire Gang who is pushing to expand his empire in New Orleans. She played five episodes in the show’s first season.

A New York native, Andrene Ward-Hammond was raised in a Jamaican family. She attended Georgia State University, majoring in Communications with a PR specialization. She also minored in Psychology. She has appeared in television shows such as Being Mary Jane, NCIS: New Orleans, and Strange Weather with Holly Hunter. She has also appeared in films like Loving and Complications. She has been promoted to series regular in Your Honor. Ward-Hammond began her career in a role as Norma Johnson on the show Being Mary Jane. The series was developed from the Israeli series Kvodo, which was created by Shlomashiach.

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