5 shocking facts about Suzy Perez’s rise and fall

Suzy Perez was a supermodel in the early 2000s who danced with Jennifer Lopez and others. After accepting a four-year contract, her fantasy of a better life became a nightmare.

Suzy’s decline is sad. It shows a lost soul’s continuous longing for home. Her stunning face, smile, and dance moves are now “once was.” Even though many have tried to help, she keeps returning to Manhattan.

Suzy Perez…

The former supermodel is Dominican-Haitian. She grew up in a tiny town with her close-knit family. Her low-earning parents couldn’t afford three square meals.

Suzy started modeling for urban industries. She quickly cared for her family.

Suzy’s Early Success

Suzy Perez’s exquisite body and striking features made her famous in the 1990s. She commanded the runway and fashion publications. Suzy’s career took off when she traveled to America and danced for Jennifer Lopez, P. Diddy, and other stars.

Former model’s fall

Suzy’s debut in America was a triumph, but she found a snag after contracting with an Italian modeling agency. The Dominican model tried a new lifestyle. She was raped, drugged, and tortured during her contract years.

After this incident, the once-confident supermodel fell into a despair she couldn’t convey, and her only source of consolation was medications that weakened her influence.

She disappeared. Uptown Manhattan subways were her home until Geneva Solano spotted her in 2019. Suzy told him how hard life was after she lost her mother. Her son gives her reasons to live, she said. Suzy and her kid reunited. The former model’s renaissance became an illusion. After a while, she followed the streets’ call.

Suzy Perez’s Secrets

She supported her family.

Her poor parents couldn’t afford three square meals, as stated. Parents were relieved by Suzy’s talent revelation. She supported her children with local modeling money, which led to better contracts.

Suzy supposedly brought her parents to America and improved their lives.

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2. The Model Spent Four Years in the Confused Agency

Suzy was offered a life-changing opportunity by an Italian modeling agency. The model signed a four-year contract with the agency, but they were actually sex traffickers. Suzy was raped, beaten, and bullied when she resisted. She said medications controlled her emotions.

Suzy Perez’s transgender son

Following her drug addiction, the former beauty queen lost custody of her trans son Savion, born Senna Celestino. When they reconciled, he revealed how hard it was to get a transsexual work in New York and asked for help resurrecting his mom. Suzy promised to change for her son.

4. She had PD and schizophrenia

Suzy’s mother’s death broke her more than her time with the fake modeling agency. Her son’s loss allegedly traumatized her. Suzy lost the desire to live and found solace on the street.

When a Spanish-language American reporter rehabilitating derelicts encountered Suzy, hospital reports said she was violently assaulted and heavily drugged. Her blood contained heroin and other drugs. Her jumbled speech and hallucinations led to a schizophrenia diagnosis. She was withdrawn and enjoyed herself alone.

5. A GoFundMe was created to help Suzy Perez.

Netizens helped her through a GoFundMe account set up by her trans son and nephew. Her family and friends supported her. Reviews of her recovery process were put online for friends and supporters, but all attempts were futile when her son learned the GoFundMe money fueled her addiction. He said netizens shouldn’t help because she wasn’t living better.

Suzy’s Whereabouts

Attempts to improve Suzy’s outlook on life failed. She reportedly returned to the street after being rescued. She needed help but didn’t want it, like most addicts.

After months, her family’s GoFundMe page helped her get into rehab. In 2020, after going to over 6 rehab institutions, she made tremendous breakthroughs, but they didn’t last.

Suzy Perez ran away. Fans and well-wishers still have confidence in her recovery almost two years after she disappeared.

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