10 Affordable Homemade Gifting Ideas

We always want to cherish and acknowledge the presence of our loved ones. And what better way to celebrate your love than by giving them a personalized and homemade gift? We know how expensive it gets when you want to gift something good. 

Add your flair to the souvenirs this season and see their surprised faces. Moreover, homemade is always better, and you can save several trips to the store!

1. Crochet Items

If you are into crocheting and knitting, you should create something unique. Even if you are not a pro, then learning this skill online can show that you have put some thought into the gift! Plus, crocheting lets you create just about anything. 

From scarves to wallet covers, you can crochet what you want. You can find unique designs online, so get your crocheting hooks and colorful yarns right now!

2. Body Scrubs

You can also make homemade body scrubs! If your friend loves skincare and beauty products, it is time to give them a body scrub. In addition, they are inexpensive to make and require only a few ingredients. Here are some body scrubs for you to try:

  • Coffee Scrub: Add ground coffee, sugar, and vitamin E capsules.
  • Coconut Scrub: Add coconut oil and granulated sugar to create the perfect scrub.
  • Peppermint Scrub: Add olive oil, brown sugar, and peppermint essential oil.
  • Oatmeal Scrub: Add uncooked oatmeal, honey, brown sugar, lavender essential oil, and geranium essential oil.
  • Epsom salt Scrub: Add Epsom salt, drops of any essential oil, and drops of jojoba oil.

3. Personalized Tee

Custom-made business and gifting have skyrocketed. Now, people buy blank tees and print out lovely messages themselves! Further, one can add arts and graphic designs to make the perfect souvenir. You only need to approach a local screen printer that prints your ideas on the apparel.

Get your hands on a tee that is just under $5! You can pick Gildan G420 wholesale tees to bring your ideas to life. A simple statement reflecting your emotions and gratitude on a tee can become a prized memento!

4. Tote Bags

If you love sewing and can stitch anything from fabric, making a tote bag is no big deal! All you need is a cotton fabric lying around, your sewing machine, and thread to create the perfect homemade tote bag!

Depending on the fabric available, make a killer tote bag. Therefore, check out online resources to get an idea of measurements and other things you may need.

5. Candle Making

It is all about candle making. And the trend of scented candles is the new norm. Moreover, scented candles are the best gifting ideas this season. All you need is some wax and some additives to make your desired candle.

You can get beeswax, soy wax made from soybeans, or paraffin wax. Get color dyes of your choice and pour a few drops into the melted wax to achieve the desired color. Also, for scented candles, add natural essential oils with the color dye. Then, get the molds of your choice and pour into them the prepared solution. Don’t forget to add a wick to the candles. Wait till it hardens, then take them out!

6. Pillow Covers

Another affordable handmade idea is to make pillow covers. If you are good with needles and a sewing machine, you can make a whole bedding set! But pillow or cushion covers make a unique idea as you can stitch or crochet them.

You can create intricate designs and styles based on the preference of your loved one. Additionally, you can also add some cultural elements to showcase your traditional art.

7. Framed Photos

Turn your prized moments into a beautifully captured gift! Therefore, create handmade photograph frames that encapsulate your shared memories. You can buy plain wooden frames from your local arts and craft shop and some other decorative items you can glue to the frame. Further, you can color the frame with your chosen color scheme in mind.

8. T-shirt Quilting

Another way to capture and gift all the memories is by T-shirt quilting. For this, you may need old tees or cheap new ones. Therefore, get Gildan G420 wholesale tees and personalize them via screen printing or tie and dye. Next, gather all these tees, cut them into equal sizes, and stitch them into a quilt! 

9. Homemade Bath Soaps

If you haven’t tried making soaps yourself, then do it today! All you need is some oil or fat, lye (sodium hydroxide), and essential oils for the fragrance to make the perfect bathing soap. Get the soap molds and experiment with your recipes before deciding on a good one. You can make the following soaps to gift your precious one:

  • Citrus Soap
  • Earthen Blend
  • Exfoliating Soap
  • Fresh Flower Soap
  • Honey Soap

10. Goodie Jar

Lastly, you can go with a goodie jar! If you have a mason jar, you can decorate it with colors of your choice and decorative items. Additionally, you can get a plain glass jar from your local store along with decoration pieces.

Next, put in the items that your friend will like. It could be cute stationery or some candies that they are fond of. Fill up the jar with things that will undoubtedly get you a nod.

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